Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Singapore Customer Service: Mustafa Centre vs Swatch Watch

When the batteries on my Timex and Swatch watches were depleted, I went to Mustafa Centre (after futile attempts with a screwdriver and coin). After buying the batteries, I went to the watch department to get  help in opening up the battery compartment to replace the spent batteries.

But to my disappointment, they refused with the claims that they didnt have the proper tools. Since they could make adjustments to new watches  I was rather sceptical.

Passing by a Swatch watch in Terminal 3 at Changi Airport today, I asked the staff if they could open my Swatch watch battery compartment.

Without hesitation, they took the watch and opened up the battery compartment in one second!

Mustafa Centre, if they wish to grow further, should improve on their customer service which at the moment is ho-hum.

I will be writing to Swatch to highlight their good customer service at Terminal 3.

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