Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shocking customer service in computer shop

A friend, who did not have much technical knowledge, went to an audio-visual shopping gallery to: (1) buy some 7 cm blank DVD discs and (2) get technical advice regarding his 5 year old video-cam.  Three sales people in the empty shop neither greeted him nor tried to provide assistance when he came in.

One salesman my friend approached was nonchalant but when the shop assistant finally tried to help, my friend was unable to understand his explanation.  The salesman became rude and told my friend that it was not his duty to help customers.  The man kept on arguing and to avoid a scene, my friend bought the discs and left the shop in a huff.
Although he could be more helpful, his words for my friend, "I am a salesman and cannot provide technical advice.

(The above story was provided by a friend. If you have personally encountered any bad customer service please do write to me so
I can highlight it. Thanks)

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