Sunday, February 20, 2011

NTUC is tops in customer service

I find NTUC supermarkets are impressive in customer service.

It's not easy to be a cashier there because you have to say "Thank you" to each and every customer.

Some supermarkets here do not have this culture.

On one occasion, I forgot to take back all my purchases.

I contacted NTUC and when I went back to the supermarket, they were returned to me. They have a proper system for such eventualities.

On another occasion, the customer in front of me stole my plastic bag of stuff right under the nose of the cashier when I was chatting with a friend. The cashier was annoyed at the theft(not a mistake certainly). Anyway, she told me to get the similar items from the shelves as replacement. I was glad to see that NTUC cashiers are empowered to take the necessary action in such an eventuality.

That's why NTUC is always packed with customers-due to its good customer service apart from its fair prices.

Friday, January 14, 2011

SIA crew clean toilets too

SIA customer service is excellent that is why it has been consistently voted the Best Airline in the world.

I've noticed that their air hostesses even clean the toilets,particularly on long flights. That is why SIA toilets don't smell and are neat and clean.

On long flights, on other airlines the toilets gradually become messy and smelly. But not on SIA.

Kudos to SIA air stewardesses!